Established in 1995 as STAR WELDING CO. after many years of business we changed our name to EXCEL WELDING COMPANY. (Due to an error on the behalf of the county registrar’s office.)

Throughout our time in business our main focus was on heavy equipment repair and wrought iron fabrication, We have also had numerous jobs involving a lot of miscellaneous fabrication, pipe corral repair and fabrication, general property maintenance and repair, welded stone step/welded tread replacement, studio “ON SET” fabrication, and miscellaneous mobile welding.

Nearly 15 years later we are still in business and stronger than ever working with many companies in the CONSTRUCTION, PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, MATERIAL SUPPLY, AND TRUCKING INDUSTRIES. We also have worked with many projects for HOME OWNER/ PROPERTY OWNER ASSOCIATIONS, CITY AND COUNTY PUBLIC WORKS, SCHOOL DISTRICTS, AND MANY OTHER PROJECTS.